I'm starting a blog!

Politics, stats, and other interesting things.

Hello! I thought I’d start a blog. Here are some reasons I think it’s a good idea (in no particular order):

  • I’m one of those annoying new-idea-every-ten-minutes kind of people — it’s both a strength and a weakness — and I’ve been missing a place to get stuff out of my head and onto a (virtual) piece of paper..
  • I want to challenge myself.
  • I want to become a better writer.
  • I want to be more fluent in R. Much of the work I’ll put on here will be my own analysis, and I’m pushing myself to move away from my native python.
  • Blog posts give me something to Tweet about (currently over 400 people follow me on Twitter pretty much exclusively because I run the popular account @UmpScorecards, but I barely Tweet myself, which I feel a little bad about).
  • I think people who have blogs are cool (not sure whether blogs make you cool or cool people make blogs, hopefully I’ll find out).

Here are some things I’m thinking of writing about now and in the future (again, in no particular order):

  • Research I’m doing.
  • Software I’m writing.
  • A series called Census Diving highlighting the depths of Census data. Details coming soon!
  • Various topics of interest and current happenings.

I’m pretty excited about this! I think it will be a solid challenge and I think I’ll learn a lot along the way. I’m looking forward to posting more soon, so see you then!